Friday, April 5, 2013

IC podcast - March! Nephilim and Dark Talon pt 3

It's been a month since I posted - blame it on my Dark Passenger.  Oh my god this new keyboard's awful.  It's like a chimpanzee trying to text with his lips.

So anyway, I got the Nephilim finished.  I actually finished about three weeks ago but I procrastinated on the postings until I got the Dark Talon finished and then it was all OH! SHINY! with X-Wing and a Dakkajet for WAAAGH! Hamish, and some gargoyles for Hive Fleet Limey (dead blog, don't go there).

I progressed through the usual painting that I do on anything Ravenwing after I got the wings done. I was actually worried that anything else I did would detract from the amazingness that is the paint job on the wings but it turned out well.  I did some random stuff with the stone bits on the Dark Talon and while they didn't turn out looking like the ones on the box, they match the scheme of the army so I'm happy with that.  There was some codex grey and a wash and some random drybrushing and stuff. It's all good.

I had some fun with the clear plastic and blue painters' tape!  I carefully applied the tape then burnished it along the frame with the back end of a brush, then trimmed away the portions I didn't require with a fresh #11 knife blade.  Then I sprayed with Chaos Black and sealed with clear flat.  Hey presto!  Kids - don't forget to mask the BACK of the plastic too or you've wasted your time.  I ordered a spare one from Bits and Kits in the UK.  It arrived broken, they won't reply to emails.  It's a Paypal claim now.  Buyer beware! I managed anyway and they're all complete.


One thing I don't like about highlighting fortress grey is that it shows up almost white with my camera!  The highlighting you see in the following picture is actually quite subtle but the light and the lens and the stuff makes it look like I just went along everything white a white paint stick.  The picture is actually supposed to show you the pilot glued in place with the cockpit detailed. 

I use Mithril Silver and coloured inks for the lights and buttons.  I like it. Then I used Weldbond carpenters glue to affix the glass.  You all know not to use plastic cement or superglue unless you like frosting and ruination. White glue works to an extent but Weldbond sticks like poo on a blanket. I ran a bead along the glass, put it in place.  Then I put a blob on that weird piece that goes over the glass at the back.  The nose piece I actually stuck in place with two part epoxy from the dollar store.  Costs me $1.25 (yeah, from a dollar store) for a tube and does the job very well thank you. 

So anyway, they're both done. I did my usual basing scheme and kept it simple. Lots of grass makes for a nice contrast to the flyer. I'm very happy with them and I'm looking forward to using them sometime soon! This weekend is a 40K tournament at Trumpeter's Salute in Burnaby BC.  I'm taking my 'nids because I'm not going to win.  I'll also be taking X Wing to play afterwards.  I need practice - I'd better go bullseye some Womp rats. 

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