Sunday, November 28, 2010


Hey heyyyy! (Insert Krusty Brand laugh) Lots of Real Life stuff happening, and the 40K has taken a small step to one side of late.  A number of times I haven't been to the club on a Friday and the focus on "getting it done" has been lost for various personal reasons.

I have done SOME work on finishing the Damocles Rhino - working toward getting the exterior detail finished.  I'm hoping to get a lesson in painting wings by my good friend Nick Daniels (go see his Blood Angels work) so I can get to work on painting those Forgeworld doors all lovely and that.

In the meantime I bought a Predator.  Wasn't a planned purchase (like most of my army, it seems).  I don't see a lot of them in use to be honest, and part of the reason I bought it was to fill a hole in a Battlefoam tray.  Another part of the reason was my apparent OCD for building RH1N0 chassis vehicles.  The rest of the reason was THIS BLOG (that means you click on the link there).  I just stumbled across it one day and was so impressed I had to try it.  Here's my effort.

I didn't have the exact same size magnets that Munky had for his blog... I think mine were a tad thinner.  For attaching the Rhino doors, I used pieces of sprue that had been shaved down the correct amount.  If you look at the back of the Predator sponson mounts you'll see that I stuck on thin pieces of plastic which I sanded down until they were thin enough that with the magnet on, the sponson mounts sat in the recesses and didn't wobble about.  The magnets are very strong, and I need to use a lever of some kind (like a #11 blade) to pick the Rhino doors out!

While I was working on the sponsons, I found Munky's blog to be of great help.  Not a specific set of instructions per se, but a great guide.  The colour-coded "carve here" pictures were easy to follow.  I still managed to carve a chunk out of my left thumb though.  I don't know why, it wasn't in the instructions.

The addition I made was to put the aquila on the back door.  Yes, I know Forgeworld make one.  I had one but the hinge peg broke off.  So I carved the aquila out of the resin, sanded the back down until it was thin enough and stuck it on the door.  This door must have been through the moulding machine when the servitor was on the fritz as it had low spots in it.  Again the old useful Tamiya White Putty came to hand. 

A worthwhile project on the whole, I think.  Munky's guide is definitely the best one that I found for this.  It's now in the line-up to get painted! One day I'll get them all done... ;)

Meanwhile - here's a slideshow!