Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sammael, part II

I wish I'd taken MORE pictures, but it was a chore enough to get through this, believe it or not.  I did run through a bike as a test model, so I could work out where I needed to be with certain steps etc, and if what I was doing was right. I will certainly be painting one test model in the future before an entire unit - I learned a lot.
Next time I post, I will be showing the test model, and the step-by-step of the bike painting by using the two attack bikes I'm working on.  Onto Sammael.

After I did my test model, I went at the Sammael speeder with the wash mix I'm using for this.  I have no idea why, but I forgot to block in the bare metal areas with Boltgun Metal, so I had to go over those carefully then wash them again.  It was more difficult than painting the Boltgun Metal before washing as it was awkward to tidy up mistakes afterwards. I was painting the two other speeders for this army I was able to catch my mistakes with the Sammael model and get done what needed to be done on the other models before washing.

I also painted the red guns in before washing the black over the Boltgun Metal areas too, then highlighted those as well once I was done.  I think the most trouble I had was with weathering the exhausts - I'm still not happy with those.  Also getting the brush in to do the buttons and such on the dashboard.  I'm not that worried about a Golden Demon, so I didn't do them all.  The banner hanging just to the rear of the step on the left side of the speeder kept breaking, so I cut it off and found a resin purity seal that covered up the problem.  It looks a little off-kilter with the gubbins hanging off the right side only but it will suffice, I think.  I don't like too much ostentation on the models - they're on a battlefield, not a catwalk!

Not happy with the exhaust, but I'll live with it.

The book was painted "on the fly" using colours seemingly at random - I wish I'd written it down.  The cover was in a mix of Orkhide Shade and Camo Green, the red ropes were Blood Red washed with Mud and highlighted back up again with Blood Red.  Nothing spectacular.  I based all of the gold parts in Iytanden Darksun and used Burnished Gold and Shining Gold with a Devlan Mud wash.

I'm quite happy with the edge highlighting, considering I'd winged it on figuring out where it should go - it looks good more than being correct, I think!  By the time I get to the other two speeders from my other Ravenwing Battleforces I should be a dab hand! 

Thanks to Scott at S6 Engineering for making these fabulous flight stands.  They really are quite sturdy and definitely worth the wait.  If you've got wobbly Tau vehicles, I'd heartily recommend these bases for them. 

I've been playing a bit of a Doublewing list lately using some old bikes and stuff from the used army I bought three years ago.  My son will get those when I have all of this stuff done.  Learning the nuances of scouting and flanking, and when to drop the teleport homers and stuff has made the game more interesting.  Until next time, so long for now!