Sunday, February 27, 2011

Damocles Rhino completed

Really? Three months? Yeah... I know. The thing is - Real Life really gets in the way. As does my Tyranid Army which I really got into after the New Year. That's over on the other blog - Hive Fleet Limey.

And this poor fella. Awwww, bless. He's been sat, generally ignored. It's been like a mental roadblock. For ages I largely ignored it after getting it up together, once I'd finished painting the inside. Then I forced myself to paint the left door and get the wings done on the front and the other doors, as well as the dish and some bits n pieces.

Then I got to a point with my Swarmlord model where I am waiting for parts. I was sitting in the "den" today looking at it and decided "Right! Git 'r done!" And I did. Oh, you'd like to see a couple of pictures? Oh alright then.


Yes, there IS Dullcote on that.  Very strangely, I can't ever eeeeever get it to go dead flat.  I have a suspicion that the cause is the gloss (Painter's Touch from Home Depot) which is preventing "dead flatness".  I can't figure it out, but I am very leery of GW Purity Seal.  IMHO, it's shite.  I almost lost a couple of RH1N0s a while ago cos of that stuff frosting very badly indeed. Dullcote saved them. And we move on.

The wings on the doors were painted first.  I used a basecoat of Charandon Granite on the stone circle. As the wings were covered in Orkhide Shade from the basecoating I decided to use that a little, and just overbrushed with a thin coat of Codex Grey, missing all the cracks then painted the feathers individually with P3 Frostbite.  The wings were washed with a mix of Badab Black, Future Polish and water in 3:1:1 quantity. Let it dry, did it again. Then I highlighted the feathers with P3 Menoth White Highlight, washed again then did the tips with the white again.  The same was done for the front panel of the vehicle.  The sword was just done with some Boltgun Metal, washed with black.  Then some Shining Gold washed with Devlan Mud.  The gems were just painted in with GW Red Ink.  Yes, I know that missed one! ;)  Skull was Deneb Stone washed with Mud. 

This door was done in quick time.  The wings were bascoat of Granite and drybrushed Codex Grey, washed black. The "REPENT" scroll was based in Deneb Stone (love that colour). The robe was P3 Menoth White Base (basically Bleached Bone), washed with Mud. Very easy. I always paint the recessed panels on my tanks like that.  Just breaks the model up nicely, I think. 

I'm certainly most proud of the crew.  That was what I did first, as you may have read in a previous entry entitled Late And Lateability (I was on a Blackadder kick).  I look at them all of the time, and this model is in my display case with the lid off and the back door down.  I love it.  


I love what this unit can do, and so cheaply too! The gaming club is (not) enjoying a hiatus while we search for somewhere else to throw dice at each other.  I may have mentioned that.  I'm definitely looking forward to fielding this innocuous chap to assist my Deathwing and drop a cloverleaf on some unsuspecting troops. As soon as I had finished the Dullcote, I grabbed my second Strongpoint and I've started detailing the bastions.  Pictures as soon as they're done.  And before the end of May.  I promise.