Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Second Strongpoint completed

I appear to be on a roll.  A chocolate swiss roll with a cup of tea would be fantastic about now actually, but I have no swiss roll and if I drink tea now it'll keep me awake.

Yes, after the feeling of accomplishment I got from getting the Damocles Rhino done (I'm still feeling smug, over a week later) I got down to brass tacks and cracked on with the second strongpoint, just to get it done, out of the way and playable.  Tableable. Oh man, what's the word?! Presentable, I suppose.

In a similar fashion to the first one, here it is.

Yeah, that doesn't make any sense now, does it?  No it doesn't. Except to say that this bastion is modular! I didn't just want four bastions the same and decided to make the second one a slightly different and changeable affair.  The base is the doublewide and you can see the turret to go with.  Then there in the top right corner is the tower piece with the door that lets you out onto the lower deck. You can do whatever takes your fancy.  The floors are flippable for mounting The Guns That Nobody Uses™. Spess Mahreen not included.


Yep.  I like.  I would like to build a larger one for giggles, perhaps using four or even six Bastion kits with multiple floors, but next project is to get my Fortress of Redemption finished.  I had thought about building it all one piece and mounting it on a bit of scenery but that would make transportation an issue so it'll be in pieces. Then after that I have an ambitious project involving a Skyshield landing pad, two Shrines of the Aquila and some random bits from the Imperial Sector box. Oh yes.  In the meantime, more pictures.  Until soon! :)