Saturday, October 30, 2010

Strongpoints, part 3

I received some more of the roof pieces from wyrmholehobbies, an eBay bits seller.  Quite reasonable at $6 for 8 pieces plus shipping  and it helped me create the further effect with the lower level "doublewide" that I wanted to do.  I just like to mix it up a bit and give folks choice when they're using stuff for setting up a game.  The work the White Dwarf team did with the bastions and COD buildings on the back of the latest (Dark Eldar release) issue makes me drool and go crazy. But I shall stay my hand from my wallet cos it's almost Christmas and wives like presents too.  And I don't like sleeping on the couch.

Usually the bastion pieces are pretty easy to glue together.  The lower level pieces lock together side by side no problem.  The tower pieces , I imagine exhibit the same small limitation I found with the roof bits. To assemble them side by side I had to cut a small piece off, then put a small piece of sprue in the back to hold them together.  Like so.

I just used a pieec of sprue, as I said.  And cut it down and filed it flat.  Still doesn't look THAT great.  I'm not looking for a seamless finish here, as they're just supposed to be stamped, pre-fabricated plascrete buildings. Or some such thing.  I bought a tube of Tamiya's white putty from an LGS.  It's consistency is like toothpaste, but not grainy - not as grainy as Squadron Green Putty, which while useful and sands down nicely once it's dry, can be quite brittle.  I filled in the gap, so:

Let that dry, sanded it flat and did the thing with the assembly. Sprayed it with the Soviet Armour and drybrushed with the GW Rotting Flesh as per usual.  I painted up the floor panels using the same method as last time and  here you can see another configuration of the current project. 

Yes, that's my son's tactical marine from the Alpha Legion.  He's okay, he's a loyalist just waiting for the articificers to repaint his armour in the Blackshield way.  Or IS he a loyalist...?

Imperial Hobbies, Richmond BC (where I got the putty from)
Wyrmholehobbies - eBay bits provider. 

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