Friday, September 17, 2010

Late and Lateability

Oh Throne...

Yes, there has been no updates to my blog of oooodles of time.  Fact of the matter is I have just been too plain busy with stuff and haven't really had the bandwidth to sit and compose something for you all to read and enjoy.  I could have posted something for you to read... but you may not have enjoyed it.  A-ha! ha! ha...

I've been trying to do Real Life™ which is always fun, as well as moving A Club to a new home.  That was a big distraction, but now it's done.  A Club now has a new home at Forsaken Games, which is an awesome FLGS run by Rick and Kath Misiurka.  They do allll kinds of stuff from Munchkin to LARP.  Rick has history with GW, so he supports Warhammer in all it's flavours.

I was off work for six weeks on Workman's Comp after wrenching my back, which hasn't been so bad.  It's been frustrating in that all the home projects I could have tackled during that time off were of course bound to be hard on my back, yet I managed to get a bunch of nids built and a second Ravenwing box built and primed I also managed to add an Apothecary and Standard Bearer to my Ravenwing.  Pictures of those will be popping up as and when I get round to painting them.

Most importantly I finished the Deathwing models that I started for the epic fail that was the Paint Or Die! project.  It was a hard slog, to be honest.  Some days I just couldn't find the motivation to paint the same things over and over again but I didn't let myself paint anything else until they were done.  Here's a pretty slideshow - I love Picasa!!

What I'm most proud of is the Belial model with the lightning claws. I put a fair chunk of effort into it with the Forgeworld bits and the extra time and everything.  To spend so much time on a character model is really important, as it's often the centerpiece of your army whether that's from a gaming or display perspective.

Now that they're all finished, I got to work on finishing a project that's sat in the box since last June.  My Damocles command Rhino. I built it with the Forgeworld doors and front plate.  I did buy the Rhino back door but it was very warped and one of the pins broke off.  I wanted the door hinged for display because it really would be a shame to spend so much time on the model and not be able to see the interior very well, so I ended up just using the original door.

Today I finished painting the interior and clearcoated the crew.  I glued them in, then glued the side on. Once the glue is dried, I'll glue the lid in place and start work on the outside.


I'm moving forward with the Rhino fairly quickly.  I'm excited to get it finished as it's my first dedicated Imperial Armour vehicle.  Sure I have Mortis Pattern Dreadnought arms, but they're just a swap-in.  This was bought FOR Apocalypse games. More pictures as the painting progresses.  Or maybe you'll just see a picture of the finished model in three months lol