Tuesday, April 23, 2013

IC Podcast challenge, April. Landspeeder Vengeance. And a Darkshroud.

Previously on "For The Limey"...  you'll remember that I built and magnetised (think I'm hungry, I almost typed baconised) two Darkshroud/Vengeance kits. This month I painted them, and I got them finished about this time last week too, so I'm already ahead of the game for my May/June/July commitments which are all Deathwing thanks to some batch airbrushing today.

Not much to tell on them really - I used the same techniques I used on the other Ravenwing models. Block in the metallics and reds then wash with the airbrush. The statuary bits were easy to paint.  Some codex grey, badab black and a fortress grey drybrush was applied to the stonework.  The bronze/gold sort of bits were a Balthasar Gold base (love that paint. It's so hot right now) with an Earthshade wash and a Shining Gold highlight. Easy. One of these days I'll get around to trying the Golden Brown metallic wash from Secret Weapon - this would have been perfect.  Ah hindsight, you mad thing.

As usual I used Mithril Silver and inks for the buttons.  Shiny! P3 CoaL Black for screens.

The stained glass was a second try success.  I originally went for a white/silver mix for the base with inks on the top but it looked like this. Which was crap. 

It didn't work as it suggested there was light on the inside making the colours of the glass stand out, which just wasn't working for me.  So I went over with white and got the Hawk Turquoise out and mixed with some other stuff that I just can't remember.  I couldn't reproduce it if I tried!  I'm happier with this. Sorry for the dark picture

I didn't paint the glass next to the pilot - it was too fiddly to get in there so it's just black. Meh. And then I did the rest of the work and clearcoated them and now they look like this. I look forward to playing with them!

My May commitment is just the new Belial model.  I cut his sandwich board off as I think it's rather impractical. See you next time. 

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