Tuesday, March 5, 2013

IC podcast - March! Nephilim and Dark Talon

My commitment for March was to build and paint the Nephilim Jetfighter, but since I also have a Dark Talon I thought that I would do them side by side. Not in single file to hide their numbers.

I built one Nephilim and two Dark Talons. But I only have one Dark Talon. Story goes thus; I started assembling my Nephilim and went through the first few steps of assembly. Then I went to grab part #3 from the sprue which is the cockpit control panel. Missing... I looked around, POSITIVE that I hadn't clipped it and dropped it.

The part that was missing is the one you see in front of the pilot. Now not missing.

So as I said in a previous posting; after I tore my hobby space apart I convinced myself that it was in fact missing from the kit. I called my local GW, gave them a heads up and went in the following evening. I was sure they thought I'd just lost the part, but true to their customer service policy they wrote off a new kit and gave me the missing part. I happily completed the kit!

The Dark Talon assembly was going VERY quickly, and I almost had it done in an afternoon. Almost. I was almost finished the assembly when I noticed a fault in one half of the fuselage.

Wife suggested that maybe an extra gun could poke through the hole. 
So off I went with an almost completed kit and showed them. The member of staff tore open a brand new kit so that we may inspect the entire kit together. The look on his face was priceless. The part that was missing from the first kit was also missing from this kit! Because I didn't want to be a complete ass, I pried the control panel from the model I was returning and took the replacement kit with me. Five hours later I had the kit fully assembled without faults. Work the next day was not fun. So tired.

As with the Darkshrouds, I magnetised the pilot for easy in-place assembly.  He's out and in the box to make it easier to paint the cockpit.  Nick The Grip suggested that I should not merely magnetise the torso in case it came loose after the canopy was glued on.  Bonus attraction - it can be a game where you shake the model in an attempt to get the torso back in position! But I said no - it will be glued.

Oh, I have no idea why because I'll probably lose the bloody thing but I magnetised the Statis Bomb that goes on the Dark Talon. Installing magnets like this!


Pretty easy, and I didn't really need to put any putty on the back for support, it's not like there is any heavy weight on it.  I did buy some very short drill bits at GameStars, my FLGS.  1/16" High Speed Steel bits, and they're about 1.5" long! A product of Primal Horizon.

Magnetising the bomb was a little fiddlier.  The small tab was too small for a magnet, so I drilled in and buried a piece of paperclip in there.  Just enough for the magnet in the fuselage to grab. Nice.

So there they are.  Ready for paint.  I also magnetised the megabolter/lascannon assembly for the Nephilim - there is a spot where a 1/16" magnet will fit inside the recess at the top. Next - PAINT! Huzzah!


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