Tuesday, January 22, 2013

IC Podcast hobby challenge. January part 5

So... remember the picture of the stack of paints I needed for this month's commitment? Yeah... I didn't have all of them.  It's amazing the colours I used to paint a squad of bikers in black power armour!

The bases are ready to go.  I applied the muddy tracks last night - you can't see most of the track once the bike's pinned to the base but I know it's there.  I mixed Forgeworld's Light Earth weathering powder with PVA glue and water, then applied it in a paste.  I spread it with a stir stick and patted it down.  That gives the effect of the grass being mown down by the bike's wheels.

I did twelve bases so that the ones for the other Ravenwing squad are done too.  After the mud dried I painted the edges with Calthan Brown.

My hand's not as steady as it was two years ago so the edge highlighting isn't as pretty as the last lot.  I did the first round of highlight with Vallejo's German Grey, then did a smaller highlight with Codex Grey.  The final clearcoat after basing will knock the highlight back a bit so it won't be as stark.

I applied the same PVA/pigment mix to the tyres then wiped most of it off.  The PVA really helps the powder to stay in place.


All I need to do now is to pin the bikes to the bases.  Pin vise and paper clips are standing ready!


  1. I do a much lower budget version of that, but I have a wheel with a toothpick through the hub that I roll through the dirt, :)

    Forgeworld basing...wow, does Carl know?

  2. Wheel on a toothpick hub sounds like a plan! I'll have to give that a try sometime. I had the bright idea a few hours ago of mixing some SUPER fine ballast in with the powder and PVA to give it some texture. Maybe next time I'll give it a try.

    Forgeworld basing, no. Dragonforge!