Sunday, January 20, 2013

IC Podcast hobby challenge. January part 4

Update of the week!

I got the feathers all painted up, which is quite quick but hit-or-miss unless you have the technique down.  I appear to have lost the knack for it that I gained last time but it's still quite acceptable.  I also painted the seats.  I based the seats Calthan Brown, washed with Agrax Earthshade and drybrushed with snakebite leather.  The bedrolls (?) on the back got the same paint.

I started on the bases.  I use a craft paint for the base colour, because it's cheap! Then I drybrush with deneb stone heavily and was with a thinned Agrax Earthshade.  I'll be doing the bases for the other Ravenwing battleforce that I have at the same time.

To get to this point, after the wash I did another drybrush of Deneb Stone, followed by Graveyard Earth then Kommando Khaki. Then a very quick drybrush of Deneb Stone again.  The rocks were Codex Grey with a wash of black then a drybrush of the grey.  Simples!

Apply grass with white glue. 

I got the eyes done and the highlights done on the weapons and I started to paint details on the buttons and display on the bike.  Once that's done all that's left is the edge highlight. If it all goes well the bikes will be based by the weekend! :)

I wish this picture was better...

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