Sunday, January 6, 2013

IC Podcast hobby challenge. January part 2

I had to go to the store and collect a few of my completed Ravenwing models to use as guides.  Examining them, I came to the conclusion that I'd painted the highlights after the wash, as I suspected. Oh yes, here they are now! These are from two years ago, the last time I painted Ravenwing.

The highlighting doesn't show up very well in photographs, which is just as well since they're tabletop models, not camera queens!

At this time, I have everything painted red, black and boltgun - the next step will be washing them.  I have some Badab Black, which I will blow through my airbrush and take mere minutes! Once that's dried, I will have to look for tide marks which I did get one or two of last time and paint them out - I remember using P3 Thamar Black mixed with Badab Black to do so. Invisible mends, they were.

I'll need a whole evening to get that done, since I have to warm up the compressor and the lights out in the ship to do that little job. Once that's done I'll be working on the Sargent's robes.


  1. Consider me following there Limey! Good to see the good ole' Dark Angel's getting some love. I haven't yet decided on my comments yet, but its likely to be some Horus Heresy stuff!

    One suggestion- you can help drying thing quicker with a hair dryer. Its become one of the staples of my painting gear and always comes in handy. Just change the setting to low.

  2. Thanks Gabe, I'll keep that in mind next time I have to do an airbrush wash on some models - which will be everything for the forseeable future! :-)