Thursday, April 21, 2011

GW, thanks for the Grey Knights!

So for ages, I've wanted to build a Deathwing apothecary after drooling over the one in the codex since I bought it.
That one was kitbashed from the Terminator kit with a veteran head and some Apothecary bits.  I just wan't able to do my own conversion justice and longed for the day when I could actually get a Terminator Apothecary arm.

I love Grey Knight Terminators just for this reason!  They get an Apothecary in the box!  So I gave it a couple weeks and looked to the eBay bits providers to sell me some love.    Thanks very much to The Imperial Forge on eBay - they're in Woodstock, Ontario. Go check out their store! They made me happy.  Here's what I got for my $8.95 plus shipping.

Yes indeed.  That's what I got.  I wasn't bothered that I didn't get the head because it only works with a Grey Knight.  I put it together today.

I believe that the Grey Knight terminator bodies are bigger.  The lamp set had to be filed and shaped and then some filler added when I glued them to the back of my dudeman. Also, the left shoulder joint is bigger than regular Terminator arms.  I had to cut it down quite a bit to get the Forgeworld pauldron on without it springing off in a random direction.
Well... not really random - usually in the direction of the underside of my desk.  Nice.  And here he is.

The base is from Evil Mushroom Games in the UK. He's got some nice inexpensive bases and scenery bits there.  Quite a simple base - big flat rock for him to stand upon and do his thing.  The second picture was to let you see the filler I had to apply - I gave the rock a bit of a wash to make it less stark in the picture as they come very white indeed!

Next build is the Deathwing standard bearer.  I have the Warhammer Fantasy Empire General's standard with the hammer completely cut out.  I would like to install a sword in its place and use a piece of brass rod to run through the hand of the Terminator.  I'm still in a quandary over what to arm the dude with.  Standards give +1 attack to the squad but I'd like to use that to advantage.  If it's in an assault squad with Lightning Claws, that would be 5 attacks each on the charge which would be handy.

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