Sunday, May 2, 2010

Line and Lineability

Yeah, alright. I changed the scheme again.  Well... I tweaked it. I realised that I do have a slight shake to my hand when I do fine work, especially when it's repetitive.  I couldn't imagine lining 30 Terminators with brown ink and having them all neat and tidy, so what I ended up doing was doing the brown lining then dry brushing with Deneb Stone for the rest of the army.

Don't get me wrong, I'm satisfied with the way the first squad look, I was just playing it safe. I mean - who wants to go and re-do 30 Terminators? Not me! lol.  But seriously folks, painting this number of troops at once is kind of tedious to me, as much as I will love the finished result, and what the finished result will do to my opponents mwuahahahaha!

Here is Belial from the back with the Forgeworld vehicle icon that I applied, with the Deneb Stone drybrushing also.  The icon's not too big and it will help to pick him out of a crowd - he is just a Company Master and not a freakin' Primarch so fancy isn't the name of the game here.

So once I spent four evenings lining and drybrushing, I've started on colours that aren't brown.  I'll be showing Belial in his various stages as I go, and other stuff just as I do it.  You won't always see progress on the same model, but they'll all be at the same stage.

So for the flexible joints in the armour, "hinge points" and cabling between the back of the greaves and the pauldron I'll be painting in with Boltgun Metal then washing twice with Devlan Mud.  I MAY go and do a wash of thinned black afterward.  Dunno yet.  Comments and suggestions welcome!

The hammer head and the shield detail are Chainmail, as will be blades on Lightning Claws.  I'll explain guns when I get to them and have photos available. I'll wash this with a thin blue, then a thin black to bash it down, then highlight with Chainmail and Mithril Silver. I don't like to go for the funky power effects - I'm too busy dammit!

Farting around with Deathwing insignia, Belial is the test subject (after all why put your men through something if you won't do it yourself?), and I've started with a red gore undercoat, which will get a thin purple wash to lay down the shadow on the FW stuff - being VERY careful not to get it on the bone paint. I'll have to get some purple wash tomorrow and go at it.


  1. He's looking good. I really like the red icon on his back. It makes him easy to pick out on the tabletop.

  2. Thanks Will :)

    That was what I was aiming for. As I don't have much time left on this project, I wanted something easy. My third Belial with Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield will have a greenstuffed toga/tabard affair on it. No rush on that one :)