Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Paint! Or Die!

I recently joined A-Club (Facebook link), which is an awesome club in Burnaby BC, run by the equally awesome Thor Rechlo.  The place really is the best place I could think of to game at on a regular basis and the guys are really decent fellas.  There's scenery out the wazoo AND the yingyang, quite a few tables and a couple of walls where we have our own planets to fight over on a regular basis.

There has recently been issued a PAINT OR DIE!!! challenge.  We had to come up with 2000 points that we have to build and paint by the end of May for a huge battle.  Kevin McGill has gone with Orks.  Nick Daniels has gone with Ultrasmurfs and as of this moment I don't know of anyone else who's picked up the glove.

I have come up with the following:

One Terminator Librarian, stock wargear.

Deathwing Squads
3 squads of Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields,
2 squads of Lightning Claws, accompanied by Heavy Flamer and Assault Cannon. Heavy Weapons carry chainfists too.
1 Shooty squad with Assault Cannon and two chainfists. Sarge has Stormbolter and Power Sword

Ravenwing Squadron
6 Bikes. 1 Plasmagun, 1 Flamer.  Sarge will carry a powerfist and plasma pistol.
Attack bike will carry a MultiMelta
Landspeeder will carry a MultiMelta and Assault Cannon

I know, there's no troops but the games will be for killpoints so standard FOC isn't of great concern to us.

I already had the Deathwing mostly primed with the arms off for all but one squad.  I find it easier to paint like that. Unfortunately as of last Saturday, the Ravenwing was still in the box.

From Paint Or Die!

As I planned on doing a Chaplain on a bike I went out and bought a spare one. Kitbashing from the DA Veteran upgrade pack and the Ravenwing box I came up with something Chaplain-esque but wasn't all skulls. I used one the Ravenwing "hood ornament" from the landspeeder for the head of the crozious. The staff was a cut down mace from the DA Veteran upgrade kit.

From Paint Or Die!

The bikes are coming along nicely and are ready for rider assembly. I just have to find assault weapons from somewhere. The riders will be assembled and painted separate from the bikes, with the exception of the gunner on the attack bike. It's a thing I do.

More pictures as things progress. Watch this space.

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